Looking for a "Sexy Night"?


Looking for a "Sexy Night"?  -  Check Out Det 5!


The following story was written around the turn of the Millennium and perfectly describes the "Det 5 Experience" right up until 31 May 2006


If you're going down to the beginning of Sukhumvit Road between the expressway (Soi Zero) and Nana Plaza, looking for a sexy night, you have a choice between two “Sexy Nights”.  Two establishments use the same name, and a mistake can be minimised by asking for Sexy Night Det 5 or simply “The Det”.  The Det is nearly always open, with cold beer, cooling fans, and contemporary music to unwind with.


Naming a bar in relation to sex is natural in the night business, but what does Det 5 refer to?


After the US - Vietnam War, the United States began searching for its servicemen counted as missing and killed in action in Southeast Asia. The men sent to find them established operational detachments throughout the Western Pacific to provide the command, control and logistical headquarters of the Joint Task Force known as Full Accounting or JTF-FA. The Sexy Night Det 5 rock 'n roll beer bar, in the old Buckskin Joe Village, became the unofficially created, but officially patronised, “Fifth Detachment” or “Det 5” of this joint task force. Hence, after scouring the Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian countryside for their long perished countrymen, the members of JTF-FA and their friends unwound and relaxed in the cool company of cold beers.


Even today "The Det" is still one of the most frequented spots for American servicemen passing through the realm's capital city. Some of the members of the cast from the film, “A Bright Shining Lie”, about the U.S. soldier John Paul Vann’s experience in Vietnam, took in the Det 5 experience to get a feel for Bangkok’s nightlife.


With so many beer bars along Soi Zero and Nana Plaza, what makes "Sexy Night Det 5” such a popular place? Det 5’s focus is simple: it’s an open air World Music Bar providing the best variety in contemporary and classic music from the US, Europe and Thailand. If a survey of patrons was taken, they would most likely list their top reasons for going to “Det 5” as the ice cold bottled beer, loud rock n' roll, plenty of continuously running ceiling fans, two pool tables, a regulation dart throwing area, and one of the largest English-speaking hostess staffs in Bangkok, not actually in that order. All day, everyday, regular and new customers can enjoy it all in a hassle-free atmosphere. The main attraction at Det 5 making it all work is the owner, Khun Lek. Her personality and enthusiasm have built a solid reputation for Det 5 over the past 2 decades. Everyone is welcomed with a smile and a cold towel, whether you stay long or not. Thai hospitality that will bring you back is the bottom line at Det 5.


Det 5’s hours of operation and specialties are Happy Hour - 11:00 to 20: 00 every day, with all beers and standard spirits at 50 Baht. Det 5 serves a typical selection of bottled beer, and bartenders able to make mixed drinks of your choice. When the bell is rung at the bar you're in for a free drink. The most common is the Det 5 special lime kamikaze shooters; any other is a customer buying a round for everyone. If you want to find this beer bar after sightseeing all day in the Bangkok heat or returning home from a busy work day, ask for Soi Zero under the expressway overpass at the beginning of Sukhumvit Road next to Ploenchit Center. After finding the entrance to Soi Zero, stop by the second bar on the right and remove the sweat with a cold towel, order up a cold beer under a fan and select a song from a variety of music, in both English and Thai. But, if you are ready for more competition, check out the dart board and pool tables. If you're not familiar with the game, someone is bound to show you how to play, for language is almost never a barrier in Bangkok’s bars.

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