The First 20 Years

3 Names  -  2 Locations  -  1 Experience


Origins of the first "Sexy Night - Det 5"

Long before cultural and economic forces prompted the homogenisation of the Bangkok night scene, one bar stood to differ from the usual uninspired and impersonal offerings.

This bar was known as “Sexy Night - Det 5” —  A Unique Identity

Whilst the "Sexy Night" moniker will have prompted instant cognition, the “Det 5” name warrants further explanation.  After the Vietnam War, the United States began searching for its servicemen missing and killed in action in Southeast Asia. Operational detachments were established throughout the region to provide the command, control and logistical headquarters of the Joint Task Force known as Full Accounting or JTF-FA.

Originally located in what was then Old Buckskin Joe Village, the Sexy Night Det 5 beer bar became the unofficial, yet officially patronised “Fifth Detachment” or “Det 5” of the Joint Task Force. Cold beer, rock ‘n roll jacked up to “11”, and engaging personal service were the intoxicating ingredients of a bar that many came to call their “local”. After 20 years, the elixir tastes just as sweet today…

Soi Zero

Det 5 was the signature bar for a Soi that no longer exists! Sukhumvit’s maze of streets provides the city with 1000s of bars, but one Soi was quite unique. Welcome to Soi Zero.

Det 5 – The Experience

Home to Det 5 for over a decade, Soi Zero was a shrine to entertainment. Nestled under the Expressway between Sukhumvit and Ploenchit Roads, party was the order of the day (and night).

The unique location spawned many bars, but Det 5 stood out. It demanded your attention, yet was subtle and unassuming in its approach.

“Beer Bar” Evolved

Over the years Det 5 gained recognition as the modern update of a Bangkok beer bar. At the same time it garnered plaudits for its service, fabulous cocktail freebies and party nights that revelled till dawn. Whilst good times rolled, Soi Zero’s very future came into question…

Adieu Soi Zero!

Like many good things, it couldn't possibly last forever, the surreal peculiarity that was Soi Zero was finally shut down on 31 May 2006. Yet, Det 5 patrons were not to be denied. Whilst other bars packed up, never to be heard of again, Det 5's unique sound was packed up and shipped out, just 10 minutes walk away. Bigger and better premises, and the chance to become the World Music Bar & Restaurant it had always aspired to be.

Welcome to Sukhumvit Soi 8

The redefinition of Sukhumvit Soi 8's musical and culinary landscape was initiated on Thursday 1 June 2006...


From the innovation that was Soi Zero’s modern update of a "Bangkok Beer Bar" to Soi 8’s Remix of a World Music Experience, Det 5 has come full circle in its relentless pursuit of Bacchanalian Pleasures, adding a gastronomical dimension to the formula along the way! Whether it’s hands on and participatory, or quiet, confined and reflective, you will find a myriad of experiences at Det 5.


You dictate the vocabulary, we provide the atmosphere.

While Thailand's recent course in history met with one violent storm after another, with the country's karmic pendulum swinging precariously, from a military coup in 2006, to Suvarnabhumi Airport's occupation by the Yellow Shirts in 2008, to the Red Shirts occupation of Ratchaprasong in 2010 — and Mother Nature cruelly trying to administer the "coup de grâce" and inundating large swathes of the country in 2011 — Det 5 stayed above the fray and remained a sea of tranquility throughout the upheavals.

While Det 5 has always been well known for its eclectic collection of CDs, covering all possible genres in the musical firmament, the absence of Live music presented a void.  This void was filled in June 2011, with the introduction of Open Mic Nights.  These Live Music soirées are organised every Monday and have firmly established themselves among musicians and music aficionados alike.

The Future?

Who knows what the future holds in store?  Det 5 has enjoyed a spectacular first 2 decades, carving out its own small niche in Bangkok's cluttered entertainment world, and is fully committed to make the next 20 years even better. We sincerely hope to have you along for the journey.


Det 5  —  Where The Music Never Stops!  —  Face The Music!





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